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We've got your color!



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Greenade is a custom-formulated organic pigment-based additive engineered to instantly restore and replace color loss found within a variety of grass species. Greenade offers a very natural appearance with a use rate of more than 50% lower than competitive products.



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Greenade GS is specifically engineered for the growing season. Spray indicator has been an unnatural "blue" for way to long! With Greenade "GS", you can use it has a natural looking spray indicator or a green enhancer to give your greens that "pop" during the growing season

Plant derived nutrition
for over seed?

Turf and Soil Solution products are exactly what you need to get the most out of your over seed program. Pro K, Amino Max and Pro N Si are some of the best within our arsenal.

Pro N Si

Your go-to Silica Product


Pro K

One of a kind Plant based Potassium Product


Amino Max

Best ratio product for amino acids

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