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Turf and Soil Solutions is dedicated to bringing the latest fertility technology to the golf and turf market.  Our products are produced using revolutionary processes and nutrient sources to create a safe, highly effective, user friendly tool for turf professionals to utilize when premium turf conditions are required. 


The results show that Turf and Soil Solutions plant derived nutrients provide similar nutrition to the tissue at dramatically lower rates.


Rutgers Horticultural Research Farm test results

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The proven FP² or From Plants For Plants line lays the foundation to provide for the essential elements not readily supplied by mother nature. These products have been formulated to maximize customization and provide excellent results in alkaline conditions.

The rest of the TSS line is targeted at reducing the demand for synthetic products that are often a double-edged sword. Many of the TSS products are one of a kind, new technology for the golf course superintendent.


Our Technology
"From Plants For Plants"

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